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So, a friend of mine asked if I wanted to do some art to help him promote the traditional gaming event at the Calgary Expo this year ( Sounded like fun and being part of the expo, even in a small way, gives me the warm fuzzies so I agreed. The pieces ended up being rushed, honestly, as everything* that could possibly go wrong during the time period, did… But, I think they turned out pretty decently. Hoping those at the expo enjoy it, as that’s the important part.

Finished just this morning after another all nighter, you should be able to see this as a giant poster at the gaming area itself, a dragon who may be hoarding the myriad of prizes up for grabs at the event:

Calgary Expo Dragon

And created for posters/handbills which you may have already seen around the city, a Warhammer 40K: Grey Knight Terminator, firing wildly at something larger than himself that appears to be breathing fire *cough*:

Calgary Expo Grey Knight

If you’re at the Expo, it’ll be worth checking out, the event will be in the main convention hall (it’s marked on their map). Whether you’re into competing in the events(as they have all sorts of ones and for every genre and universe I’ve ever heard of), or just because you’d like to be a spectator and watch the gladiatorial bloodsport of the mighty geeks. (Link again:

See you there, I’ll be the one fussing about everything I could have done better with the art ;)

* Everything is hopefully taking a break from adding additional things for now, but included: dog dying, sudden deadline changes and doubling of workload, grandmother dying, car breaking down, girlfriend having mysterious illness which led to multiple emergency room visits, sudden pre-emptive concerns of legal issues which required a complete change of concept, my having an entirely unrelated mysterious illness, computer crashes, and, as always, terminal insomnia ;)

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