Mech Monday: Mechs Advance

Starting to revive my online presence. And to set that off, I’m starting with a new feature, hopefully ever week, called “Mech Mondays”. I’ve been a fan of the giant robots in one form or another since the first computer game I ever played, back when they came on 7-inch floppies. It was called “Battletech: The Crescent Hawks Revenge” and I loved it.

In the spirit of the epic battles I enjoyed as a kid, I present to you, this epic scene created by Jim Hatama entitled “Mechs Advance”.

Mechs Advance by Jim Hatama

Mechs Advance by Jim Hatama

A nice uniform palette that feels gritty and really makes the small bursts of colour stand out. I like that it’s not only mechs, but a mixed force, similar to how armor gets used in current battlefields. The level of detail being varied and some atmospheric effects give a good sense of depth as well. There are some parts in the sky and ground that feel a bit too loose or scratchy to me, but it doesn’t take away from the overall image. I really do enjoy how it feels like we’re at the edge of the front line as it slowly lumbers forward, chaos all around as it does.

If you enjoy this piece, definitely check out the rest of his work at:

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